Walk for Black Infant Mortality Awareness

Hello everyone. My name is Sherry Payne. I am Executive Director at Uzazi Village and this Fall, from September 1-12, 2014, I am planning an amazing adventure and journey. I will be walking across the state of Missouri to bring attention to the invisible epidemic of African-American infant mortality- babies dying prior to their first birthday. Here in the US, Black babies die at twice the rate of their Caucasian counterparts. The reason for this is very complex but we must increase awareness of the problem to increase our efforts at solutions. I will be walking for 12 days across our state (175miles across the middle of Missouri on the Katy Trail) and talking to lots of groups and organizations as I cross the state.

Uzazi Village is a nonprofit organization devoted to decreasing perinatal health disparities in the urban core.  Uzazi Village is a 501c3 - all donations are tax deductible.  All monies raised will be used in the following manner:
Uzazi Village Sister Doula Program  (to match specially trained doulas with pregnant mothers on Medicaid)  50%
Uzazi Village Operating Expenses 30%
Facebook and Causevox Fees 10%
We have committed to 'tithe' 10% of our proceeds to other organizations doing this important work across the country that are influencing the national landscape.  The organizations we have selected are:
International Center for Traditional Childbearing (5%)
National Association for Childbirth Centers of Color (5%)

Walking Schedule
Sept. 1- Drive from Kansas City MO to Clinton MO- Calhoun MO (9.9 miles) (actual miles walked 9 miles)
Sept. 2- Calhoun MO- Sedalia MO (19 miles) (actual miles walked 15)
Sept. 3- Sedalia MO- Clifton City MO (13.6 miles) drive to Pilot Grove
Sept. 4- Pilot Grove MO- Booneville MO (11.5 miles)
Sept. 5- Booneville MO- Rocheport MO (13.5 miles)
Sept. 6- Rocheport MO- McBane MO- drive into Columbia (8.8 miles)
Sept. 7- Columbia MO- drive to McBane MO- N. Jefferson City, MO (14.2 miles)
Sept. 8- Jefferson City MO (no walking)
Sept. 9- N. Jefferson City MO- Mokane MO (18.2 miles)
Sept. 10- Mokane MO- Rhineland MO (20 miles)
Sept. 11- Rhineland MO- Treloar MO (20.6 miles)

Sept. 12- Treloar MO- Augusta MO - drive into St. Louis (21.3 miles)
Speaking Schedule
September 1, 12-2 Improving Birth Rally at the JC Nichols Fountain on the Plaza; "Black Infant Mortality; Steps Toward a Brighter Future" in Kansas City, MO
September 5, 2014 Reception at 6pm at a private home in Roachport MO Ms. Payne will visit with local midwives and other care providers
September 6, at 6pm at the Boon Valley Commission Chamber hosted by the Missouri Midwives; "Black Infant Mortality: Where do we go from here?" in Columbia MO
September 8th at 2pm at Lincoln Unviversity, Jefferson City, MO "Black Infant Mortality: Where do we go from here?"
September 12th from 2-4pm at St. Louis University; "Black Infant Mortality; Causes and Strategies for Improvement" in St. Louis MO


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